Chaircuterie – AIGA Colorado

chairAIGA is turning 100 years and AUGA colorado Channel is 25, what better occasion to celebrate with design?
I was selected among 100 artist in Colorado to design a 2D poster around the theme of a chair.
This is how AIGA is advertising the exhibition which is going to happen on November 13th 2014

One hundred stellar creatives have been asked to craft 25 full-size chairs, 50 miniature chairs and 25 two-dimensional chair representations for auction!

AIGA 100Chaircuterie is held in conjunction with the exhibition AIGA CO25: Impacting Colorado through 25 Years of Design, a retrospective of AIGA Colorado’s social impact within Colorado. This event supports AIGA Colorado mentorship programming and the Design Council of the Denver Art Museum’s Department of Architecture, Design and Graphics, steward of the AIGA Design Archives. This program is supported by Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Partner Program and the McNichols Civic Center Building.

Here are 2 of my designs,

silvia.minguzzi.001 silvia.minguzzi.002

Some photos of the event:

2014-11-13 18.47.28 2014-11-13 18.47.322014-11-13 18.50.24 2014-11-13 18.47.43 2014-11-13 18.52.00 2014-11-13 18.52.56 2014-11-13 19.17.07 2014-11-13 19.17.20 2014-11-13 19.17.28 2014-11-13 19.18.34 2014-11-13 19.58.02

And this is the artwork AIGA is using to advertise the event2014-10-15 23.45.08 2014-10-15 23.45.14

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