3D Printmaking: faking a 3d effect using old technology

Lino cut closed seaHere is my last printmaking piece so far. It is still a woodcut, or I should say linocut since I decided to change material from wood to linoleum, and I love it! It is easier to cut and allows me to be more detailed. I cut the linoleum using my spiral investigation piece as a reference in my technique (watch it here)


I’m using my closed sea design idea. You can see how my lino plate looks like before I start inking it. My idea is to create a 3D print, something like this, but using printmaking instead of my computer to achieve the same result… almost. Cheating this 3d effect using a wrong registration will give the illusion that the 3D effect is possible, but maybe not. The thing I’m interested in is the concept that we see what we want to see. The actual way our eyes see is turning a 2d image into a 3d one, and our body does it so good that our mind believes it. And this is what I’m trying to do with this piece, faking a 3d effect, observing what the viewer will do with this linocut.


linocut red layerI printed a layer in black and a layer in red, last layer will be blu. All the layer are out of registration, as you can see and the illusion for a 3D effect will be set. I’m thinking about presenting the piece with some 3D glasses, to kind of tricking the viewer in believing.

I would like to create another piece without the black layer, just keeping the blu and red to observe the effect of the interaction between those two colors (violet?).


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